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Beauty School.

First let us say we have dormitories and If you want to see what they are all about click here - DORMS - Dorms are not common with Beauty Schools and is another option that sets us apart.

Now About Us - LaJames College / Beauty School is a firm believer in "you" choosing the right college for you. When comparing college's / beauty schools, look at all they offer. How many different diploma's do they offer? Look at the course lengths. Look at the housing that is available to you and at what cost. Do they offer placement assistance, and for how long? How long have their teachers been educating students? For that matter how many teachers do the have in the college? (Most have fewer than 5) What is the total combined experience with their teachers in their college? (Our teachers have over 100 years combined experience)

LaJames College Diplomas

Beauty School Diploma LaJames College

Lets take a look at the Options available to you. The original "LaJames College of Hairstyling" has several diploma's available.
1. Cosmetology / Beauty School Diploma
2. Massage Therapy Diploma
3. Estheology / Skin Care Diploma
4. Nail Technician Diploma.

If you are seeking a fun career in the beauty industry, look no farther than LaJames College. With over 90+ years in the business, we are among the oldest and most established international beauty schools. Our first-rate curriculum is, considered by many, the leading gold standard of the beauty education industry. This, along with placement assistance, makes The original "LaJames College" located in Mason City one of the "go to" schools world-wide as an international beauty school specializing in Cosmetology / Beauty School Programs, Massage Therapy Training, Estheology (Skin Care / Spa Services) Courses and Nail Technician Education.

As an international beauty school, LaJames College has acquired a diverse student population. Many students are in attendance from neighboring Midwestern states. Our international students attend LaJames College from around the globe. See what all the fuss is about and contact us today to learn how you could be a part of our unique college community.

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The original "LaJames College"

Our world-class training can prepare you for an exciting beauty career or therapy career as a:

Hair Stylist
Make-Up Artist
Nail Technician
Massage Therapist
And many other careers in the Beauty Field...

LaJames College, in our opinion, is a school that stands out in the beauty education field, not only as a U.S.A. beauty school but also as an international beauty school for the study of the cosmetology arts and sciences. Its our opinion, but if the best is good enough for you, then you have an easy choice - The original "LaJames College".

How about a Little History for
LaJames College in Mason City

Kevin Rentz is the third generation educational director and president of LaJames College in Mason City. Kevin's grandparents, Laura and James Casey, began the beauty college in 1932. The name LaJames College is a blend of their first names. Thus the name LaJames was born. Kevin's life partner and co-owner, Susan Rentz, is a second generation professional cosmetologist and educator. The combined experience of these two dedicated educators and cosmetologists is apparent in the success of LaJames College graduates. The tradition of innovative education and visionary progress reflects the personal drive motivating this dynamic team. In each program or course offered at LaJames College, their focused goal is to train and graduate the best entry-level professional feasible. It makes no difference to the college if you are a Beauty School graduate or a graduate of our Massage Therapy Course. We treat you the same, with you the graduate, the most important asset of our college.

Is that not how you want
your college to treat you?

Choosing a Better Beauty School

Interested in Dorms?

We have them and they include just about everything needed. Just a few essentials from you and you will be set. They are not required but are a wonderful option.

Go For Our Dorm Page
LaJames College Beauty School Original

And Why is "LaJames College" Unique in The World as a Beauty School? We Believe its our Education.

To obtain the best education in cosmetology / beauty school or massage therapy and enjoy a successful career, careful selection of your professional school is vital. You need a gold standard. You need a remarkable curriculum. Simply compare and contrast any beauty school or cosmetology curriculum with what is offered at LaJames College. In our opinion, we will be a stand out college.  This is one of several reasons why "LaJames College" is known in other parts of the world. This is also why students from around the world come to Mason City, Iowa; to attend our international beauty school. Then explore each institution's qualifications, experience, licensing success, and placement assistance. "LaJames College" has a wonderful placement assistance program.  That includes "in state", "out-of-state" or "out of the country" help. We assist with the licensing issues you will encounter and we will help you in your search for the perfect employment opportunity. Your success is our success.

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