Beauty Licensing Boards

State licensing is frequently required for careers in the beauty and spa industry. Most states require cosmetology licensing, esthiology licensing, massage therapist licensing, and nail technician licensing. Whether or not an exam is required and the number of training hours that are necessary vary by state. Iowa beauty school licensing requirements align with general national ranges in terms of training hours. To practice in any of these disciplines, individuals also must pass a relevant competency exam.

The statewide regulatory board for cosmetology licensing, esthiology licensing, and nail technician licensing in Iowa is the Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences. The Iowa Board of Massage Therapy is responsible for massage therapist licensing within the state. Under the umbrella of the Bureau of Professional Licensure, which is part of the Iowa Department of Public Health, these two entities administer and regulate Iowa beauty school licensing requirements.

Iowa Licensing

State licensing within Iowa is not complicated but individuals must submit several forms of documentation with their completed application for the relevant license. This paperwork proves that they have received the minimum number of education hours required in their field of practice, taken at one of the Board-accredited cosmetology schools. Applicants must also provide verification that they passed the relevant competency exam. (Currently – PSI Exam) License renewal is required every two years and the license holder is required to have 8 hours for each discipline they have a license for. A person can hold several license at once. For example, you can become a Cosmetologist, a Nail Technician, and an Esthetician. If you hold all three licenses you would need 24 hours of continued education to renew all three. The renewal is every two years. (On-line)

You As Our Graduate

As a LaJames College Graduate, no matter what program you have completed with us, we offer assistance not only for the licensing exam requirements but we also offer a free placement service for the course that you attended. This includes but is not limited to, helping with resume’s, cover letters, employment research, licensing requirements in other states (in case you want to move around), etc… As long as we are here in Mason City, we offer this assistance at no cost to our graduates. That’s our commitment to you, our Original LaJames College graduate.

Out of State Massage Therapy or Cosmetology License Holders
Those who attended one of the many out of state massage therapy or cosmetology schools must provide proof that their education is on par with what the relevant Iowa Board requires of in-state applicants. State licensing is not reciprocal between Iowa and any other states, so when a licensed individual wants to practice in Iowa, he or she must apply for Iowa cosmetology licensing, esthiology licensing, massage therapy licensing, or nail technician licensing. The application process is similar to that required of graduates from Iowa cosmetology schools or massage therapist schools who are applying for initial state licensing within Iowa.

Movement Toward On-line Licensing Renewal

These two Iowa boards, along with many others in the state, are moving toward online state licensing renewal. Paper renewal applications are no longer mailed. Instead, the license holder receives a postcard serving as a reminder that the license is due for renewal. This should arrive well before the two-year license is scheduled to expire, providing individuals ample time for renewal. A window of 30 days from license expiration date is provided for renewal but a late fee of $60 applies.

Changes to License, Duplicate Licenses

License holders must notify the relevant Board of an address or name change within 30 days of the change. This can be done by completing the Address and Name Change Notification Form on the Board Web site or mailing a letter containing the full name, date of birth, license number, and full address to the Iowa Bureau of Professional Licensure.

To request a duplicate license or a state licensing wallet card, the license holder must submit an Application for Duplicate License and submit a $20 fee for each duplicate item requested. Those who have Iowa cosmetology licensing, esthiology licensing, massage therapist licensing, or nail technician licensing are also able to verify their license on-line and print a paper copy of this verification.