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LaJames College Beauty School Cosmetology Program

Why the original “LaJames College”?

We know you have choices. Most of our distance students go past several colleges to get to us. We even have students from out of the Unites States that attend here. Why do that, why travel so far? Read on, because not all colleges are a-like.

The original “LaJames College” is an Iowa beauty school / cosmetology license of 2100 hours & is one of the longest educations in the U.S. for Cosmetology.

Beauty School Choices

This creates a tremendous advantage in licensing. As a college we provide lifetime placement service at no cost to our graduate. As long as we are here we will be there for you.

With these hours, the licensing from state-to-state in the U.S. is outstanding and provides high-level credentials internationally. In our opinion it just makes sense that this advantage therefore extends to those who are interested in attaining the best positions in the profession and those interested in travel. The 2100 hours of training also gives us the opportunity to give you the educational advantage to stand out in today’s Salon & Spa Market. Classes include seeking employment which we help you create resumes, cover letters, and even help you design your own fantasy salon. Haircutting, coloring, artificial nails, business classes, etc…

Cosmetologist Diploma
64 Weeks – 2,100 Hours

LaJames Beauty School Student Hair Color

Our beauty school program incorporates 2,100 hours of extensive theory & superior hands-on training, giving you an opportunity to have a complete understanding of the beauty and spa business. This cosmetology college / beauty school course leads to a diploma which entitles the graduate to apply for an Iowa State licensing exam through the Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Professional Licensure. We accept students from all over the world at our cosmetology school in Iowa. If you are looking for beauty schools in Minnesota or just in the Midwest, be sure to consider the original “LaJames College”. A truly unique beauty school.

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We have them and they include just about everything needed. Just a few essentials from you and you will be set. They are not required but are a wonderful option.

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What career choices can a cosmetology / beauty school graduate expect from the original “LaJames College”?

As a cosmetologist you can work in a salon, day spa, resort spa, hotel spa, health spa, destination spa, club spa, mineral springs spa, vacation spa, wellness spa, chain salon, private salon,

Beauty School Student Body at LaJames College

a portrait studio or on a cruise ship, just to name a few. You may also choose to work in commercial photography for television, stage, motion pictures, fashion shows. Others choose to work in a mortuary, department store salon, modeling agency, hotel salon, nursing facility as well as for all kinds of manufacturers, distributors and sales companies. So as you can see, the limitation to what you can do with this career is only limited to your imagination. The possibilities are almost endless.

Are you a Sophomore or Junior in High School? Then check out our Summer Program that was Designed with You in Mind…

Attend LaJames College Beauty School The Original

LaJames College High School Summer Cosmetology Program

High School students may enroll in the cosmetology program at the original “LaJames College” located in Mason City. LaJames College offers Beauty School Training for the

summer months between your sophomore and junior and or junior and senior year in high school to get a head start on your professional studies. By beginning the summer beauty school program in June, students may complete up to 280 hours or more of the Cosmetology program. At the end of the summer, students may continue their cosmetology training on a part-time basis during their senior year.

Cosmetology Information

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After High School graduation the summer program students can continue their training and be ready for a position in the beauty industry much sooner than their peers. Our Summer Program Students also automatically qualify to stay in the dorms for the summer if you wish. The total cost of the dorm for the summer is $300 if you choose to stay there. There are many more things about the Summer course that we did not mention. If interested in learning more just click the “Contact Us” buttons on this page.

An International Beauty School

LaJames College & Beauty School

LaJames College Beauty School Student

in Mason City, Iowa is one of the few beauty schools in the United States that has permission to teach international students by the department of Immigration and Naturalization. As an international student, the college issues I-20 forms from INS, so a student wishing to study in the United States can apply for a student visa from their own country.

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What Makes The original “LaJames College” unique?

Our cosmetology program is actually three programs in one because it also includes portions of the Nail Technology and Skin Care courses in its curriculum that was developed over the past 85 plus years. By choosing the cosmetology program, you will be receiving the best of three courses of study. In combination with this we also teach a European educational system (Pivot Point). You are getting the best of both worlds.

Iowa Beauty School at LaJames College

LaJames College is a Beauty School that will give you the opportunity to be prepared for many exciting careers in the beauty industry. This career will give you the opportunity to meet people,

express your creativity and derive a great deal of personal satisfaction. A career in cosmetology is one of the most dynamic and in-demand careers you can choose. In fact, according to an independent survey, almost 40,000 cosmetology jobs went unfilled because there were far more entry-level job openings than there were new cosmetologists, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cosmetology Information

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Job Opportunities for Beauty School Graduates of LaJames College

The employment projections for hairdressers, hairstylists and cosmetologists indicate a need for some 61,600

new professionals. Therefore, in our opinion, career opportunities are plentiful and broad. As a cosmetologist, you interact with others individually on several levels – physically, emotionally and mental outlook. You repeatedly help your clients feel good about themselves. You serve as a teacher, guiding them on how to better care for their professional needs. You enter their personal space; you touch them. Often, great trust develops over time. You influence perspectives and perceptions. Who can measure the level of satisfaction which stems from helping others?

LaJames College
Our Beauty School

We will show you the science of hair care and skin care, how to educate others in health and beauty matters and show you how to run your own business. Our cosmetology program is art, science and

Beauty School Education & LaJames College

psychology all rolled into one outcome. Our Goal is Success. The original “LaJames College” is a Beauty School in Iowa that can expose you to this exciting and rewarding career. We hope you are getting excited. Now that you are interested in this field what can you do? What career opportunities do you have to look forward to?

Graduates of Beauty School & LaJames College

Here are just a few of the options that are available to you:

Hair stylist or Cosmetologist, Salon owner or Manager, Esthetician, Nail technician, Manicurist, Pedicurist, Hair Colorist, Make-up artist, Cosmetic buyer, Perm specialist, Cruise Ship Stylist, Beauty Product Representative, Beauty school Instructor, Salon Owner or Director, State board Member, Educational Director for Beauty Products, Beauty Consultant or Trainer, Beauty school Admissions Director, Beauty Product Manufacturer, Photo Stylist, Beauty Salon or Spa Receptionist, Health and Beauty Store Owner, Spa Owner or Manager, Stylist or Make-Up Artist for Film, Theater or Fashion, Guest Artist or Platform Artist, Distributor or Sales Consultant,

Beauty School Success

Manufacturer’s Spokesperson, Test Salon Cosmetologist or Product Analyst, Education Manager or Trainer, Sales, Marketing, or Management Consultant, Salon employee, Trade publication publisher, Writer or Editor, Texture Service Specialist, Wig or Extensions Specialist, Retail Specialist, Day Spa Stylist or Technician, Product Educator, Cosmetic Chemist, Session Stylist, Hairstylist for TV, Movies or Theater, Styles Director or Artistic director, Design Team Member, Competition Stylist, State Licensing Inspector or Examiner, Depilatory Specialist, Tanning Salon Owner or Operator, Hair Care Treatment Specialist Manufacturer representative or Field Technician.

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