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All of the beauty school programs (Cosmetolgy, Esthetics, Nail Technician and our Teachers Training Courses) along with our Massage Therapy Course that we offer here are eligible for financial aid. Some of the financial is free to the student and some are loans with a repayment obligation after you are done with college. Going to the original “LaJames College” should be affordable! We will aim to keep your loan debt as small as possible. We strive to help you get as much free aid as available (and we always try for that type of aid first) so “LaJames College” offers applications not only for federal financial aid for our beauty school students but also scholarship applications that can help you stretch your tuition dollars and save money while attending college. We believe you deserve a fantastic career once you complete your higher education with as small a personal debt as possible.

Cosmetology School Scholarships

Savings for Beauty School

Not everyone has saved money for college. So in addition to federal financial aid, you may wish to consider applying for a

beauty school scholarship or grants or even loans here at LaJames College. We accept local cosmetology scholarships, grants and other awards for beauty school tuition. The original “LaJames College” in Mason City accepts all private, civic, high school, church and foundation cosmetology / beauty school scholarships. LaJames College also accepts beauty industry- related scholarships. In fact, we will match any cosmetology scholarship that is offered at any other college up to $500. We also offer scholarships here at this college for incoming freshmen. Ask about them when you call or email us. We have a listing of scholarships available to any enrolled student. So if interested, just ask us. Some scholarships have an application deadline and may not be available to apply for at any given time. Make a career for yourself at an international beauty school. Please contact the financial aid office at LaJames College at
and learn more about scholarships, grants & loans for
cosmetology / beauty school.
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Applying for Money for College
& School Financial Aid

As a smaller college, we have the ability to take our students and help them with their financial aid. The applications can be confusing

Beauty School Financial Aid Application

for anyone. We will sit with you, if you wish, to help answer any questions that come up that are not clear to you as you fill the applications out. This helps eliminate mistakes that ultimately takes you more processing time and personal effort for you to correct. You know your financial aid results at a much faster (and normally much more accurate) pace. The amount of financial aid available for beauty school training at LaJames College is determined by each individual’s personal circumstances. All cosmetology school financial aid is based on need. The programs that LaJames College participates in include: Federal Pell Grant Program (FAFSA), Federal SEOG Program, Federal Student Loan Program (Subsidized, Un-Subsidized and PLUS Loans), Workforce Development, Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Veterans Benefits. You may also apply on-line for federal financial assistance at

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