Massage Therapy Costs Start Dates and Textbook Information

The Original LaJames College
Massage Therapy  Program (650 Hours)
Equipment, Supplies & Textbooks: $600.00
TOTAL COST: $12,950.00
Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.
Monday through Friday Classes.
Morning Class Dates   8am – 12pm
 October16th, 2023              February 19th, 2024
                                                                       October 14th, 2024
Tuition change could happen without notice

Indirect Cost of Education Components – Per Month

Award Year 23-24

Living Expenses

     Food Allowance                                                                                              $299

     Housing Allowance for Students Living off Campus                                     $766

     Housing Allowance for Dependent Students Living at Home                        $425

Miscellaneous Personal Expenses                                                                 $383

Transportation Expenses                                                                               $396

All financial aid will applied first to institutional charges.  Your financial aid will be disbursed to the Institution in accordance with the Payment Summary: 1 Hour or start, &451 Hours and or 16.5 weeks.  Any student on a cash plan will be counseled individually and a payment plan will be set up.
La James College Textbook Information
Any book prices associated with the program of study are also provided at the time of enrollment.  The school does not operate a bookstore where books are sold individually; however, the school, in its interpretation of the HEOA amendment effective 7/1/10 has compiled and made available all of its individual book prices along with corresponding ISBN # if available.  Textbooks and prices may change without prior notice.  
Massage Therapy Program (650 Hours)

Trial Guide to the Human Body Textbook               ISBN # 978-0998785066                 $43.00

Trial Guide to the Human Body Workbook             ISBN # 978-0991466672                $33.00

MBLEx Test Prep                                                     ISBN # 978-1732835689                $43.00

A&P Textbook                                                         ISBN # 978-0803676459                $64.00

Susan Salvo Principles & Practice                           ISBN # 978-0323878159                $83.00