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Beauty School & Massage Programs Offered at
The original “LaJames College”

The Original LaJames College Beauty School Programs Offered

LaJames College is a beauty school
that is recognized as 
providing Beauty Education and
Massage Therapy Training and is
considered a world-class
educational institution.

The college is nationally accredited
though the National Accrediting
Commission of Career Arts and
Sciences and is approved through the
U.S. Department of Education to
participate in Title IV financial aid
programs (our programs are eligible
for financial aid).

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This “excellence in education” is also provided in Massage Therapy training, Skin Care and Nail Technology. After over 90 years in business, the original “LaJames College” located in Mason City Iowa is (in our opinion) one of the best places to receive professional beauty school and massage therapy training in the world.

As a result of our efforts, our cosmetology college and beauty school graduates consistently land great entry-level (initial) jobs in the industry they were trained for, with many LaJames College graduates opening their own business and salons – even right out of beauty school!

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Beauty School Students at LaJames College Mason City Having Fun

Program Length / Courses Available

Cosmetology: 2,100 Hours / 64 weeks
Massage Therapy: 650 Hours / 36 weeks
Esthetics: 600 Hours / 29 weeks
Nail Technician: 350 Hours / 25 weeks

Take a look at our courses. Click on the Highlighted Programs to see what they are all about…. And Just for your Information, our Title IX coordinator is Shelley Keeling (The Coordinator can be reached at 641-424-2161)

LaJames College Beauty School Dormitory & Cosmetology College

Our Courses offered are a combination of over 90 years of curriculum development plus we are teaching the curriculum through Milady. The best of our system and a fantastic national system rolled up into one college. We really are a “one of a kind” beauty school.

Some Like to Refer to Our Beauty School as
The Original LaJames College
But we Like to be Referred To As…

“LaJames College”

If you are looking for excellence in Cosmetology / beauty school, Massage Therapy training, Esthiology(Spa Skin Care), and Nail Technology Courses, then you really do not need to look farther than the original “LaJames College”.

In our opinion, compared to any standard beauty school, the original “LaJames College” differs dramatically. Not only by providing large classrooms and training areas, this beauty school combines over 90 years of training experience along with a U.S. (our own) Training Curriculum.

Our instructors have a combined teaching experience of over 125 years. This wealth of knowledge is enhanced with the colleges commitment to provide the best education that they can.

More than 21,000 square feet of classroom, clinical space and dorms, we teach students the art of beauty, cosmetology techniques & massage therapy applications, along with related training in nail technology and esthetic’s (skin care) education. The professional environment is both personally enjoyable and educationally stimulating.

Each program area in our college has “state of the art” equipment. The beauty school clinic floor is equipped with the latest European design styling stations. Our massage therapy clinic is a modern, soothing “spa like” setting. You will enjoy taking our beauty school courses and our other related programs in our first class artistic institution!

Where Are We Located?

“LaJames College” is in the heart of Mason City, Iowa. Mason City is listed as one of the top 100 best small cities in America to live in according to Nerd Wallet. Their methodology for determining their results was based on Afford-ability, Economic Health & Quality of Life. The top 100 list we made was for the entire United States and we were #35 on their list. We would agree, in our opinion, we are located in a wonderful town. Uniquely, this Iowa beauty school has many students in attendance from surrounding states. Our international students come from all over the world. We offer affordable dormitory facilities for our students who like or enjoy dorms to further enrich their campus experience. Other housing options are available. In our opinion, attending LaJames College will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

We had a great honor we wish to share with you.  We were listed on a site called Answers. com as one of the top 10 Beauty Schools in the entire United States.  We were #9 on that list.   Here is a “link” to their reason why we were #9 in the US.  “Out of over 1000 schools”  Is that just not awesome or what…

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What Our Students Say…

Heidi Knoke

“I am a graduate from The Original LaJames College of Cosmetology in Mason City. My experience at LaJames was unforgettable; I went in excited, and ready to start my journey.

After having some personal issues, I wasn’t sure if I’d finish school. Talking with Irene Richards (Instructor at LaJames) really helped me, and all of her motivation, and positive inspiration helped me to complete school.

If it wasn’t for her, and the rest of the staff’s method of teaching, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Many students have this same problem, and the college staff is always available to help motivate and encourage them in their career path.”

Tonya Cheever

“I attended The Original LaJames College / Beauty school in Mason City and during my year at LaJames I received a great education. The training made me ready for salon life and prepared me to be professional and successful.

The instructors were always willing to help students and always encouraging us! The instructors who were teaching when I went to college in Mason City are still teaching there today, and we have kept in contact over the years.

At The Original LaJames College they guided and made sure we were ready when taking our boards and accepting our first job. I chose the LaJames in Mason City because it was “The Original” and they believe and stand behind their graduates. Because of all the tools learned at The Original LaJames College in Mason City I am now living my dream.

WoW – On a side note LaJames wants to add that Tonya, in 2015, opened her own salon in Waterloo Iowa called “Trio Salon & Spa” along with two friends Wendy Malcolm & Beth Zars. Congratulations Girls… This is what this field is all about. Keep up the fantastic work & above all keep having fun.”

Cassidy Bender

I came to LaJames College in Mason City Iowa with a dream. I had known from an early age that hair intrigued me. I had a dream of playing a role in people’s lives to encourage them & boost their confidence.

I am a people person to the core of my being & cosmetology seemed like the perfect outlet for my creativity, love of hair & passion for people. It allows you the unique opportunity to become involved in their lives as they confide their joys and sorrows as you cut, color or style their hair. It’s a joy to serve your community in a way no one else can!

At LaJames you begin with an overall glimpse & get to dirty your hands right away in the first eight weeks of level one. This was such a fun & laid back yet informative time. After laying that foundation you continue your classes to build on this but now you are on the clinic floor with clients practicing your new found skills. There is always something new to learn.

Every single instructor is amazing, very approachable & patient. They will walk you through the simplest to the most complicated service. They are there to help you! Installing encouragement & confidence in you with a “you can do it” attitude until you are ready to tackle it on your own. It is what they do best! Not to mention the LaJames has the best clientèle base for you to work with to practice your skills. It takes a lot of pressure off of you by not having to find people to work on.

LaJames provided me with a solid education to be a professional stylist, a chance to work on my people skills, & gave me confidence that this is what I am supposed to be doing as a career & to get out there & do it! I can’t express my thanks enough for this!

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