Beauty School Dorms / Housing

LaJames College Offers Student Housing and Dorm Facilities that are Comfortable, Affordable & Convenient

Beauty School Dorms

     We have comfortable, affordable, convenient & modern beauty school housing dorms! We provide student housing  – dorms on a first come, first serve basis. These dormitory facilities are available to cosmetology, beauty school students, massage therapy students, skin esthiology students and nail technician students. International students will be especially surprised at how affordable our dormitory living facilities really are.

Dorms tours available to new students

The dorm is available for viewing when you visit The original “LaJames College” for a campus tour. Or you can call us at 641-424-2161 We will be happy to help.

Dorm/College Information

Select to get information on our college and dorms.

Dorms are Just an Option.

We do not require that you stay, as an incoming freshman, in the college dorms. We just wanted you to have this wonderful option available to you if desired and available. They just make everything so much easier. One of the hardest things to do when going to college is finding a comfortable and safe place to live. With our dorms connected to our college some students don’t even bring cars to college. How cool and simple is that…

Other beauty school housing options available

    LaJames College in Mason City also has a list of non school owned apartments that are recommended. The dorms are optional unlike some college’s that require all incoming freshmen to live in their dorms. We just wanted our student to have this as a housing option.

What our Dorms / Housing Facility Offers

    Comfortable, affordable, convenient and modern housing for male or female students. An atmosphere conducive to personal development, both socially and academically.  An experience in group living through which one develops an understanding and respect for others.

What LaJames College Beauty School Dorms Include

Our beauty school dorm furnishings include:

    In the student rooms – bed, dresser, window treatment. in the lounge – sofa, chairs and seating for you and your guests, and dining tables.

    In the kitchen, you will find stove, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, storage cabinets. Also In the dorm facility there is a coin operated washer and dryer. The bathrooms are all newly remodeled and include a shower and tub facility and the dorms have air conditioning, heat, water, utilities & garbage which are all provided and are included in the monthly fee. we even provide a vacuum for you to help keep your dorm room looking great.

    A land line telephone connection is available for use if individual phone is desired and Internet access is available if connection is desired. We want your beauty school experience to be the best, and we tried to think of everything a dorm room student may need while attending the original “LaJames College”.

The Cost of Beauty School Dormitories

So What Is The Cost of The Dorms?

The Good News is the Cost.

    The current cost of our dorms comes out to $300 per month based on a program’s length.

Beauty school dorm cost example:

    The Cosmetology course is 14 months in length and so the total cost for a dorm spot for that course would be 14 x $300 or a total of $4200. The cost for the Massage Therapy course would be 9 x $300 or a total of $2700, The Esthetic’s course would be 7 x $300 or a total of $2100. The Nail Technology course would be 6 x $300 or a total of $1800 and the Cosmetology Summer Program is only 8 weeks for a total of $600. Again this expense includes your water, garbage, air, heat, utilities and “Dorm Furnishings” This makes the dorms / housing not only very affordable but it gives our students easy access to the college. What a great way to make friends and to get a “Full College Experience”

What Does The Dorm / Student Housing Look Like?

    We have included a link to pictures of our dorms / student housing here. We included a description of the photo taken and where in the dorm the photo is located. However the pictures (even though the dorm looks great) will never do the housing justice. Once you see them in person, you will fall in love with them. They truly are beautiful.

Beauty School Housing

Are You Asking What You Need to Supply For Your Dorm Room?

    It’s a common question that we get asked, so we will try to be as complete as we can. But you will see that it is mostly basic stuff. We tried to supply some of the things that are hard to bring to college. As always, if you have any questions, just email us or call. We will be happy to assist you.

The following items you will need:

1. Food (of course, unless you are on a diet)
2. Cooking supplies (frying pan, saucepan, spatula, etc.)
3. Dinnerware (plate, glass, silverware, etc.) We suggest that you only bring the minimum dish wear. For example: One or two plates, one set of silver or two. This will keep you in the good habit of washing dishes every time you use them.
4. Towels (bath, kitchen)
5. Bedding (pillow, mattress pad, sheets, blanket, etc.)
6. Paper supplies (toilet, paper towels, tissues)
7. Personal supplies (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and other desirable’s)
8. Laundry supplies (basket, detergent, softener products)

A Full College Experience in Our Dorms

If interested, just complete a dorm application. Please remember that the Dorms are optional and shared housing is not for everyone. As such, we can also help our incoming students find apartments or other housing options as needed. All you need to do is ask for assistance.

The Dorms are on a First Come Basis.

To apply for a college dorm, just click the link and download the application. You will need to print if off, fill it out and then mail it to the college. The mailing address is on the dorm application.

Beauty School a New Career New Beginning

A New Career…
A New Beginning. Just a click away.

    Our massage therapy and beauty school dorm facility is typical of student housing found in many college communities or universities. It is “sorority-style” group living facility. Each dorm room will house up to a maximum of 4 students that would have their own living area and shared living room, dining area, kitchen and bathroom. Each student would have their own area for getting ready in the morning for classes along with their own “styling area” for hair and make-up.

    A separate laundry area is shared by all residents in order to encourage community living. It is a great alternative to running to a laundry mat. Living in the dorms or in student apartments is a great way to make friends and enrich your experience while attending “LaJames College” in Mason City.

We love having the ability to offer students coming to our college dorms. If you want more info on the dorms and the college just click the link and ask us. We will be happy to send you information on both.

Who Is Eligable to Apply For the Dorms at LaJames College?

Anyone can apply from the list below. We strive to be as fair as we can when accepting an application. The first consideration is timing. When did we get the dorm application. The second consideration is distance. We always try to get our long distance students into a dorm if possible. The third consideration is personality. When you come for your college visit, we try to assess if you would be a good fit in a community living situation.

List of Eligible States for Dorms:

    We have compiled a list of states where you are eligible for application into our Beauty School Dorms. They are Alabama or AL, Alaska or AK, Arizona or AZ, Arkansas or AR, California or CA, Colorado or CO, Connecticut or CT, Delaware or DE, Florida of FL, Georgia or GA, Hawaii or HI, Idaho or ID, Illinois or IL, Indiana or IN, Iowa or IA, Kansas or KS, Kentucky or KY, Louisiana or LA, Maine or ME, Maryland or MD, Massachusetts or MA, Michigan or MI, Minnesota or MN, Mississippi or MS, Missouri or MO, Montana or MT, Nebraska or NE, Nevada or NV, New Hampshire or NH, New Jersey or NJ, New Mexico or NM, New York or NY, North Carolina or NC, North Dakota or ND, Ohio or OH, Oklahoma or OK, Oregon or OR, Pennsylvania or PA, Rhode Island or RI, South Carolina or SC, South Dakota or SD, Tennessee or TN, Texas or TX, Utah or UT, Vermont or VT, Virginia or VA, Washington or WA, West Virginia or WV, Wisconsin and Wyoming or WY. All these states qualify for you to apply for our beauty school dorms / housing.

    International students contact the college to see options available which would include our beauty school dorm or housing.

Beauty School Dreams