LaJames College – Beauty School Graduate Heidi Knoke

 “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.” — Zig Ziglar

Our graduate Heidi Knoke, cosmetologist, is living a life of success.  She has Heidi Knoke Beauty School Graduate from LaJames Collegebeen on that journey since 2004 when she first began the cosmetology / beauty school program here at The Original LaJames College here in Mason City Iowa.  A young girl, originally from the Charles City area, has come a long way in just under 15 years.  It was particularly obvious when Heidi joined the Original LaJames College on their annual trip to America’s Beauty Show in Chicago.  During this trip, one of the headliners at the seminar, Robert Cromean’s with Paul Mitchell, pulled her aside and told her he thought she would go far in this career and that she should contact him when she got done with college.  We were so happy for her.  And Heidi has shown that what he saw on that day and what we saw as a student was a young woman with a real talent.

Heidi was asked to write something about her college experience here at LaJames in Mason City she wrote: “I am a 2006 graduate from The Original LaJames College of Cosmetology in Mason City.  My experience at LaJames was unforgettable; I went in excited, and ready to start my journey.  After having some personal issues, I wasn’t sure if I’d finish school.  Talking with Irene Richards (Instructor at LaJames) really helped me, and all of her motivation, and positive inspiration helped me to complete school.  If it wasn’t for her, and the rest of the staff’s method of teaching, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Many students have this same problem, and the college staff is always available to help motivate and encourage them in their career path.”

Heidi Knoke Beauty School Graduate Success StoryHeidi is just one of our successful graduates.  In just a few short years she was awarded “Hairstylist of the Year” in Minnesota by the RAWards in 2011 and was also lead stylist for “Minnesota Fashion Week” in 2012.   She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and works as a hair artist for “Twist Hair Studio” and “WarPaint International”. She has attended many Hair Conventions including America’s Beauty Show in Chicago and Envision Artopia.  Heidi is a true testament to this career and the possibilities available for anyone who wants to explore the fascinating world of the salon/spa industry.  As the college where she chose to start out her wonderful career, we as the Original LaJames College and our staff want to say cudos to her.  She is and always will be a shining star in our eyes.  Congratulations on fulfilling your dreams.  Keep up the great work.  You really do make us proud.

As Her Bio says in Style Seat:  Heidi Knoke is known as an edgy hairdresser with a pulse for great style and a personal passion to bring the beauty out in all that surrounds her.  Born and bred in the Midwest, Heidi entered this world ready to express her creative discernment.  Dressed in her trendy bohemian style and artfully tattooed, Heidi can boast (though she never does) about her technical precision and creative vision on the job.  She has been a visual artist since a young age, staying on the cutting edge of creativity with hair and makeup, enlisting her close friends as “live mannequin heads.” She never imagined her interest in fashion and art would bring her the success she has experienced Heidi Knoke LaJames College Graduatetoday.  She is certainly living her dream today.  Book an appointment with Heidi today and let her impress upon you her ability to go “above and beyond the call of beauty.”

Quote from Heidi:  I LOVE doing hair and can’t wait to bring out my creative side in fashion shows and photo shoots.  I work in uptown Minneapolis and have focused on building my clientèle.  I am getting into more photo shoots and fashion shows.  I enjoy making every single person that steps out of my chair feel the best they possibly can about themselves.

A Client of Heidi’s: “I love Heidi Knoke.  I couldn’t have asked for a better stylist to trust with the drastic haircut I recently made.  I’ve had long hair pulled back into a ponytail my whole life and told her to do what she wanted.  She was sure to ask me my opinion and if something was okay before doing it.  I left feeling beautiful and confident with my new do and eager for the next appointment.  If you want something in style and someone who knows what they are doing, definitely book your next appointment here.”  Tabby Y.  2/6/14

Another Client of Heidi’s: Before I discovered Twist Salon in Uptown I was an avid Groupon enthusiast when it came Heidi Knoke LaJames Coillege - Beauty School Graduate Salon Phototo getting my hair done.  In the past, I never particularly enjoy getting my hair done or sitting in a salon for two hours making awkward conversation with the stylist.  However, Heidi Knoke is so friendly and sweet I always look forward to seeing her.  She is a true professional and I know I will be leaving the salon looking my best and feeling great about my hair.  The salon is comfortable and every time I have been there it has been relaxing.  I do not have any complaints and I highly recommend seeing Heidi Knoke at Twist.   Kelly E.  5/14