Massage Therapy Licensing – State of Iowa

Becoming a massage therapist is an intrinsically and financially rewarding career.  Most states require an individual to obtain a license prior to being able to practice within the state.  State licensing requirements usually include a certain number of educational and hands-on practice hours as well as a passing score on a competency exam.  Massage therapist licensing requirements vary by state and the minimum requirements and hours are subject to change at any time.

Iowa Massage Therapist Licensing Requirements

The Iowa Board of Massage Therapy Examiners recently increased the number of required massage therapist training hours from 500 to 600.  To receive state licensing, an individual must undertake the minimum 600 hours of training at an accredited school and be able to provide proof of graduation.  A passing score on the MBLEx or NCETMB exam is required to receive massage therapist licensing.  State licensing requirements also include current CPR and First Aid course certification.  As a LaJames College Graduate, we offer assistance not only for the licensing exam requirements but we also offer a free placement service.  This includes but is not limited to helping with resume’s, cover letters, employment research, licensing requirements in other states (in case you want to move around), etc…  As long as we are here, we offer this assistance at no cost to our graduates.  Thats our commitment to you, our graduate.

Massage Therapist Licensing Term / Renewal

An Iowa massage therapist is granted a license for a period of two years.  The license fee to practice as a massage therapist is $120.  Continuing education units of 24 hours biennially are required in order to maintain state licensing.  License holders may review their license on-line prior to current license expiration date.  For license renewal a maximum of six hours or continued education may be obtained through on-line education and a minimum of 12 hours of hands-on training are required every two years.  The biennial license renewal fee is $60 and evidence of current CPR and First Aid course certification must be provided each time the license is renewed.  Each time state licensing is renewed, the license is granted for a two-year period.

State Licensing Application Process

An individual must complete an Iowa massage therapist licensing application in order to receive state licensing.  The state licensing application for massage therapy contains a section that must be completed by the Iowa board approved massage therapy school.  The entire application must be completed and submitted with the $120 license fee.  Official school transcripts must be sent from the school directly to the Board.  The applicant for licensure must have MBLEx or NCETMB exam results sent directly to the Board from the exam service.  Copies of both sides of the current CPR and First Aid certification or renewal card must also be submitted.

Out of State Applicants For Iowa Licensure

An individual who was a licensed massage therapist in another state may apply for Iowa state licensing by endorsement.  To receive Iowa massage therapist licensing, individuals must submit a completed Iowa massage therapist licensing application, licensure fee, evidence of licensure requirements similar to those required by Iowa, and verification of licensure from the jurisdiction sent directly from this jurisdiction to the Board.

The massage therapist applicant also must have official copies of academic transcripts mailed from the school directly to the Board.  Proof of passing the NCETMB exam must be sent from the testing service directly to the Board.  Copies of both sides of the current CPR and First Aid certification or renewal card must also be submitted.  Out of state applicants who meet the criteria established by the Board will be granted Iowa state licensing for a period of two years, after which license renewal will be required.