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Gainful Employment Beauty School Reporting Requirements

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For housing, if you are planning on moving to the college area (in other words if you are too far to drive to the college everyday) "LaJames College" has dorms available on a 1st come basis.  They are connected to the college.  For the parents reading this we do have a security system in place.  However, Mason City is listed as one of the top 100 best small cities in America to live in according to Nerd Wallet.  Their methodology for determining their results was based on Afford-ability, Economic Health & Quality of Life.  The top 100 list we made was for the entire United States and we were #35 on their list.  We would agree, in our opinion, we are located in a wonderful town.

We were also listed on a site called Answers. com as one of the top 10 Schools in the United States.  We were #9 on that list.  What a great honor.  Here is a "link" to their reason why we were #9 in the US.  Out of over 1500 schools.

The cost of the dorms comes to $300 per month for each course. Yes, you read that correct.  "$300 per month".  How is this possible?  Well its simple, we wanted them affordable & this cost includes your basic needs like beds, dressers, stove, refrigerator, microwave, shower, air, heat, water and garbage. The dorms are called LaJames Suites and are absolutely beautiful. We tried to not only make them very comfortable but extremely affordable. However dorms living is not for everyone. For those that need student housing, we have a list of apartment's and housing complexes that are close to the college. The average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in Mason City is around $400 to $450 per month.  As you can see, the housing costs are not so bad at all.

A side note for those that love the water and beaches. Mason City is a community of about 30,000 people but we have a community right next to us (about 8 miles) called Clear Lake (10,000 population during the Winter and 20,000 population during the Summer) and is a wonderful place to visit. We have entertainment available from boating, sailing, ski-doo riding, fishing, sunbathing and shopping. Even in the winter, we have snowmobiling ice skating and ice fishing. We really do have a lot of fun "outside of college" things to do.

"Cost of Course/Program Links"

We are providing you with our tuition and supply costs along with class dates, the books we supply along with corresponding ISBN# and book prices. Please remember that there is financial aid available for those that qualify. Many of our students get most if not all of their college costs paid through financial aid. There really is a lot available. If you are interested in finding out your financial aid eligibility, contact the college by calling 641-424-2161, email address at or through the Contact Us anywhere on this web site We will be happy to help you through this process. There is no obligation to enroll with us for this process. We believe it is just nice to see what you are eligible for prior to making a commitment to go to college. Something else that sets us apart from other colleges.

Now lets talk about a "Net price Calculator". We have been directed by the U.S Department of Education to put a Net Price Calculator on our disclosure pages. The Net Price Calculator, for your information, is also used by the college to determine any student loan eligibility. It is this information that we use to determine student eligibility for student loans (it helps determine student need). The Higher the "Net Price" for the estimated cost of attendance the more likely you will be eligible for student loans if you need them at all. This calculation takes the average worst case scenario for a student's cost to attend college. The actual tuition and supplies costs are listed above under the heading "Cost of Course/Program" Just above this section called LaJames College Beauty School Class Dates, LaJames College Massage Therapy Class Dates, LaJames Esthetic's Training Class Dates, LaJames Nail Technology Class Dates and LaJames Teachers Training Class Dates

The next requirement from the Department of Education, for all college's, is to have a link available to each current course offered by the college and the corresponding link to the O*NET Summary report on each occupation. This is a report on the outlook for each course listed below.

"Course Name and Links to Online SOC Codes and Summary Report
for each Course we have students in."

Job Placement Rates – State Board Pass Rates - Graduation Rates

LaJames College’s placement rates and board pass rates will be by all courses / programs and we will also be listing the sources of the information to obtain the placement and pass rates. Please note that not all graduates want a job when they graduate. For example, our Esthetics, Cosmetology & Massage Therapy courses are a blast and we have some that take the courses for fun with no intention of doing this for a living.  With that in mind, here are the numbers.... The most important number in our opinion is how many could have found jobs and that is related to our licensure rates.  All rates are as reported to our accreditation body N.A.C.C.A.S.

For the 2022 reporting year LaJames College as an institution had placed 83.33% of the students that gradated from the College in all courses.  83.78% Cosmetology & Related Personal Grooming & 80.00% Massage Therapy

LaJames College also had 95.23% pass rate at the state boards from our graduates for that same period in all courses.  97.30% Cosmetology & Related Personal Grooming & 80.00% Massage Therapy

The college also had a graduation rate of 82.45% in all courses which included 80.77% Cosmetology & Related Personal Grooming & 100% Massage Therapy  according to N.A.C.C.A.S.  as reported.

What is the Source for This Information?

The source for this information was job placement surveys, employer surveys, newspaper articles and ads, employer phone surveys, graduate book, exit interviews with students and graduate surveys. The source for the state board pass rates is derived from actual board results and test scores. LaJames College hopes you find this information helpful in your search for the perfect college and program. We are proud of what we do around here and it shows. For more information on the college or to get a free college catalog please go to our “Contact Us” page and fill in the information. We will get back to you very shortly.

Median Loan Debt by Program

All colleges must calculate (Including "LaJames College" in Mason City) the “Median Loan Debt” for each of their courses. The “Median Loan Debt” is not the average loan debt for all students but the median amount of loan borrowed. The "Median" number is determined by the middle person if you were to list all your graduating students from least amount borrowed to attend college to the most borrowed to attend the college. For example: if you had 9 graduates from the Cosmetology / Beauty School listed in a year from least borrowed to attend college to most borrowed to attend college the Median Debt is the 5th person on that list. Half way from 1 to 9 is #5 and that is the "Median" number. 2019 was the last year the government asked schools to calculate median loan debts, so that is the latest information available.  With that in mind, the “Median Loan Debt” for our….

Cosmetology / Beauty School 
Course for 2019 Reporting Year is

Massage Therapy
Course for 2019 Reporting Year is

Esthetic’s / Skin Care
Course for 2019 Reporting Year is

Nail Technician
Course for 2019 Reporting Year is

This is the amount borrowed to help pay for tuition and other college costs. Other college costs would include transportation expenses, housing expenses, personal expenses etc.

LaJames College also needs to list the “Median Loan Debt” for each course offered from private sources and from the institution if LaJames has a finance plan after graduation. The “Median Loan debt” for both of these requirements for the 2022 reporting year is $0.00 for all our programs. That does not mean that there is not private loans available or college finance plans but it merely means that less than half of our students/graduates borrow from these sources.

“On Time Completion Rate”

This is not to be confused with our graduation rate. The on time rate is defined as the “Normal Time” it takes a student to graduate a program or course as defined by the college as published in our catalog out of all graduates. This is ok for shorter programs like our Massage Therapy course (8 month program) or our Nail Technician course (5 month course) or even our Esthetic’s Course (6 months course) but our Cosmetology course is a longer course than our other programs. This course can take 53 weeks to complete. So there is more of an opportunity for something to happen in a longer course, (like this one), that would delay a student’s graduation and then not be considered an “On Time Graduate” than there is for shorter programs. For example: health concerns can delay a student’s graduation from college. So as a service to you we wanted to explain what “On Time Graduation Rate” meant for each of the courses so you can see how we are doing as an educational institution. All rates are rounded to the nearest % up or down. You will notice our shortest courses have the highest “On Time Graduation Rate” and our longest course (Cosmetology / Beauty School) has a lower rate (as expected). The Department of Education has eliminated this report, so no current information is available.

Cosmetology / Beauty School Course 14 months or 64 weeks for 2019 Reporting Year
“On Time Graduation Rate”

Massage Therapy Course 8 months or 36 weeks for 2019 Reporting Year
“On Time Graduation Rate”

Esthetic’s Course 6 months or 29 weeks for 2019 Reporting Year
“On Time Graduation Rate”

Nail Technician Course 5 months or 25 weeks for 2019 Reporting Year
“On Time Graduation Rate”

LaJames Beauty On Time Completion Rate

“Teachers Training”

We also have a teachers training program. We have the opportunity to train you how to develop a lesson plan, run a class room, redirect student questions, etc. It's a fun course. We normally do not have a lot in this program because we like to be able to hire someone if they go through this course. It is important to us that our graduates get a job after college. As such we have no stats other than the cost of the course. So here is the costs for our teachers training program. Click here for the disclosure

If this is not already information overload, there is also a College Navigator web site for Universities Statistics such as costs, enrollment, financial aid, admissions, etc.

Institutional Code of Conduct / Preferred Lenders for Educational Loans at LaJames College

Iowa Code Section 261E.2 and Sections 487(a)(25) and 487 (e) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, require the development, administration, and enforcement of a code of conduct governing educational loan activities at the college.

“Complaint Process”

Our goal here at the college is for everyone to have a wonderful educational experience. However, life is not perfect all the time so we would like to have a procedure in place to help you in any way we can. The first thing you should do if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience here at the college is contact the directors of the college (641)-424-2161 and ask for Kevin or Susan. We have a procedure in place to help with almost any issue that comes up. From transportation issues, to study help. We will be there for you. You are the most important asset to the college and as such we take any issues seriously. Please remember to go to the college first and use the next option as a last resort if the directors have been unsuccessful in helping you.
The state of Iowa also has a complaint procedure through the Iowa College Aid web site. If you have exhausted all options at the college and want to continue with a complaint you may go the state of Iowa "Iowa College Aid Link". If you have exhausted all options at the college and want to continue with a complaint you may go to the Iowa College Aid's Complaint Link  State Of Iowa Complaint Link  There will be a process for you to complete.

Bureau of Iowa College Aid, Iowa Department of Education
400 E. 14th St. | Des Moines, IA 50319-0416
Iowa Department of Education website:
Student Complaints Webpage -

“Disability Services”

"LaJames College" located in Mason City does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, financial status, age, ethnic origin or residence in its admissions, instruction or other policies.

Applicants, who are persons with disabilities, as defined in paragraph 104.3 of the regulation under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, may apply for admittance into any of our programs.

We will strive to provide access to all programs offered here at the college. The college will make reasonable accommodations for students with a disability based on the ADA Act Requirements. Reasonable accommodations will be made on an individual basis. You, as the applicant, will need to notify the admissions department of any disability that could affect your training at the college. Doing so will give the college time to make appropriate accommodations if available.

This college does not offer special facilities or courses for the handicap. it is the responsibility of person with disabilities to seek available assistance and make their needs known prior to enrollment.

Any qualified individual with a disability requesting an accommodation should follow this procedure:

1. Notify the college office of the type of accommodation needed. Requests should be submitted in writing.
2. The college will schedule a time to meet with you prior to enrollment after receiving your request.

The college will review the request for accommodation and provide you with a determination as to the availability of the accommodation. Not all requests are reasonable and as such may not be approved.

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