Esthetics Costs, Start Dates, and Textbook Information

The Original LaJames College
Esthetic’s (Spa Skin Care) Program (600 Hours)

Equipment, Supplies & Textbooks: $1,530.00
TOTAL COST: $10,830.00

Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

The Class Schedule is as Follows
Monday through Thursday (8:00am to 12:00pm) and
Friday(8:00am to 4:00pm).

November 29th, 2022          February 27th, 2023

May 29th, 2023               August 28th, 2023

       November 27th, 2023         February 28th, 2024

Tuition change could happen without notice


All financial aid will applied first to institutional charges.  Your financial aid will be disbursed to the Institution in accordance with the Payment Summary: 2 Hours or start, &300 Hours and or 13 weeks. Any student on a cash plan will be counseled individually and a payment plan will be set up.
La James College Textbook Information
Any book prices associated with the program of study are also provided at the time of enrollment.  The school does not operate a bookstore where books are sold individually; however, the school, in its interpretation of the HEOA amendment effective 7/1/10 has compiled and made available all of its individual book prices along with corresponding ISBN # if available.
Esthetic’s Program (600 Hours)

1. Pivot Point Book Package $146 as a package, individuals prices listed below:

a. Salon  Fundamentals  Textbook                              ISBN # 13-978-0-9742723-1-3         $67

b. Salon  Fundamentals  Esthetic’s Study Guide      ISBN # 13-978-0-9742723-7-5         $67

c. Salon  Fundamentals  Esthetic’s Exam Prep         ISBN # 13-978-0-9742723-6-8        $67